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Looking for something Beyond...

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

What Bridget and Tom find themselves engaged in - involuntarily at first - is a search for something beyond themselves, something 'out there' which beckons to them:

  • like the mountain which Bridget thinks she can see from the beach on the horizon

  • like the mystery of the strange leaning stone on the headland, which seems to be pointing out to sea

  • like the mystery surrounding the tales of the eccentric Manny Reeve, who was mocked by everyone for saying he had 'found another world'

  • like the mystery of the bizarre book shop run by Stitgoe and Lulby, full of charts and documents and maps illustrating unheard of countries and continents

  • like the mystery of the sometimes ludicrous questions posed in the form of riddles that make up Retsinis' 'competition for clever young people'

  • and then later, the mysterious coded riddles left for them by the elusive Kalmom...

It's all a mystery, it's all a riddle - a challenge to go out and explore further...

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