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The Mountain on the Other Side of Light:
A Cry For Help
Part 1 of 'The Mountain on the Other Side of Light' Trilogy

ISBN-13: 9880770074082

On holiday at a small seaside resort, Bridget meets Tom, whose aunt pilots the airship Goodcheer that takes lucky tourists on sightseeing trips around the bay. She does not guess what a role the airship will play in her life as she gazes out to sea with her wheelchair-bound brother and remarks casually: "Isn't it funny how we often see clouds on the horizon and like to think they're mountains?" Nor does she foresee the role of the sinister Madame Retsinis, a fairground fortune-teller who talks darkly of opportunities to travel to far lands... Or what it all has to do with the strange local tales of Manny Reeve, a local eccentric who claimed to have visited a land whose people were threatened with ecological disaster, fierce tribal conflicts and power-hungry tyrants...

Book Cover - Search for Opening.jpg
The Mountain on the Other Side of Light:
The Search for the Opening
Part 2 of 'The Mountain on the Other Side of Light' Trilogy

ISBN-13: 978-1528917858

Lured to the troubled Realm of Omelyn by the sinister fairground clairvoyante Retsinis, Bridget and Tom find a land dominated by warring military factions. It is also devastated by fierce storms blowing from the giant, brooding volcano of Fles, which regularly smother the country in toxic waste, at the same time demotivating and demoralising its inhabitants. The friends try to decipher a series of coded messages from the mysterious seer Kalmom, who warns them against Retsinis and the other dark forces seeking to undermine the rightful ruler of the Realm, the Broadlord, and the traditional religion of 'The Balance'. Kalmom's messages also seem to be guiding them towards a mysterious 'Opening' which, they hint, could lead towards an explanation - and possibly a solution - to the problems that beset the once-peaceful land…

The Mithras Folly

ISBN-13: 978-1439214954

Strange carvings adorn the walls of the lonely tower Sean finds deep in the woods near his home. But fascination turns to anger when he discovers the tower belongs to a judge, the man responsible for jailing his brother Michael for terrorist crimes he didn't commit. Years later, when Michael again faces arrest, accused of involvement in a policeman's killing, he and Sean move to a remote island off the Donegal coast. But any sense of security vanishes when Sean recognises a visiting tourist as one of the murdered man's family. Revenge is in the air. But who will dispense it? The affable young woman who says she's come to the island to learn Irish; the shaven-headed man with a foreign accent who helps run the language school; or maybe Michael himself? A strike is made, but hits the wrong target. And again Sean is forced to flee, back to the woods near his home and the mysterious tower dedicated to Mithras, where the final struggle takes place between the forces of peace and of vengeance.

The Ghost Man

ISBN-13: 978-1419670824

A stranger moves into an empty house above a remote fishing port in the West of Ireland. The residents know only that he's 'from the North' and is taciturn and moody. Donal, a local man with reputed links to Republican paramilitaries, is especially suspicious. The newcomer is befriended, however, by three people: the young parish priest, Father Brian; a 12-year old lad with learning difficulties called Tony; and Tony's mother Kathleen, grateful for the stranger's kindness to her son. When it's revealed that the man, Mahood, is in fact a former RUC officer, tensions in the village rise. Father Brian, though he believes Mahood's story that he's come there to get over a personal tragedy, pleads with him to leave. But soon they're caught up in a rapid sequence of events which underline the isolated location of the village, the conflict of loyalties between the characters, and the difficulty of building trust between communities divided by centuries of hostility.

The Tragic Fate of Matty Coyle

ISBN-13: 978-1419620263

When he finds a cryptic reference in his late father's diaries to a sectarian killing in 1930s Ulster, Adrian McCausland fears the worst. Was his father involved in the killing of Matty Coyle, a Catholic who campaigned for the opening of a factory in a Catholic enclave in County Derry? Returning to the scene of events, Adrian pieces together part of the story. Matty drowned in a lake in a wooded glen. But was he killed by loyalist vigilantes? Or by heavies brought in to protect the factory by its Irish-American owner? As Adrian unearths new evidence he becomes aware there are people who still have an interest in hiding the truth about Matty's death. And he finds himself in danger of sharing the same fate as Matty.

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