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A Mountain, an Airship and a Riddle

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

14th July, 2020

A blog… Never thought I’d find myself writing a blog. But they say it’s the best way to register with people, if you’re trying to promote, say, a book about a Mountain! Which I am. Hence the blog…

The Mountain in question is fictitious. It’s a volcano, and therefore explosive. And that was, I think, part of it. But first things first. It began just as a simple mountain, a mountain high enough to have snow on it. And a mountain which rested, tantalisingly, on the horizon, where the sea meets the sky…

And it was seen by a young girl, on a beach. And she thought it was a mountain, but nobody else did. Now we’ve all seen clouds on the horizon, and we fondly believe it’s a mountain. And that beneath the mountain there lies a mysterious country, a country we would like to know more about, a country we would like to visit…

And that’s where the idea came from, the idea for a book called “The Mountain on the Other Side of Light”. The ‘Other Side of Light’? Well, a mountain in a different world, a different part f reality, a mountain in a country where things are different.

And the young girl, Bridget, feels she wants to see that mountain more closely, and visit the land where it lies. To get away from the humdrum routine set down by her parents, and of looking after her disabled brother. And she gets a chance, unexpectedly…

With the help of an airship, a young lad dressed as a teddy-bear, a sinister fairground clairvoyante, and an intrepid female pilot.

That’s how it begins…

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