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The Trilogy is complete!

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

“The Mountain on the Other Side of Light – Part Three: Fles”

Dear all,

This is the final, conclusive part of the Trilogy – at last!

After their wanderings in “A Cry for Help” and “The Search for the Opening”, Bridget and her friend Tom now find themselves inside the giant volcano of Fles. They find an extraordinarily sophisticated community of people whose goal is to use the power of the volcano to transmit ‘messages’ back to Omelyn…

But a fierce struggle is going on in this community to control what those messages should be. Should they be

- highly-coloured, provocative images to help citizens of the Realm forget the drudgery of their lives…

- or truthful and instructive messages, to help them fight the threats of war, famine and climate change that hang over them?

So the theme shifts a little between each part. From Part One, which was about

- People searching for something beyond themselves

To Part Two

- People as victims of competing ideologies – national and religious – which are based on pride

To Part Three

- The Power of mass produced messages to enlighten… or mislead.

Common to all three parts are the themes of Climate Change, the undermining of worthy ideals by short-term greed, and the falsehoods of Populism!

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