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A Sinister Clairvoyante...

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

So what role does the mysterious fairground fortune teller, Retsinis, play in transporting Bridget to realm beyond the Mountain, the alluring land beyond the horizon? And who are the intimidating, misshapen characters, Lulby and Stitgoe, who appear to run a strange bookshop in a side street, full of old manuscripts and tomes describing unheard of places with unpronounceable names?

Bridget and her newly acquired friend Tom are drawn to the bookshop by a competition promising 'opportunities to travel to distant lands', and become rather too involved with its owners, and their mistress Retsinis.... whose real name, they discover later, is Vencengea...

Will they be rescued by Tom's aunt, Madge Mackintosh, the intrepid pilot of the local sightseeing airship, the Goodcheer? Alas, she too is dragged into the fortune teller's devious designs...

And the trio find themselves on their way to an unknown destination...

Somewhere in the direction of the cloud on the horizon, which Bridget thought looked like a mountain.

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