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Needless Conflict

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

What Tom and Bridget find in the Green Vale and beyond it, is a Realm split by needless conflict - the product of a vainglorious pursuit of power, or by ideologies which are inherited and blind to the possibility of other worldviews. The Lords of Tekram, the city off High Towers, are so sure of their own superiority - military and moral - that they never stop to question their right to impose their will on weaker elements within the Realm of Elonym (or is it Omelyn?)... While the priests and warriors of Teivos are so sure of the virtue of liberating the Realm from the dominance of Tekram that they do not see that they are themselves seeking to impose their overlordship. Both sides see any effort to seek compromise or friendly cooperation as weakness. And the forces of compromise, those who support the legitimate ruler, the Broadlord, do indeed seem to be weak and feckless...

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