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Riddles, Codes and Puzzles...

In their search for what is 'beyond', what is unknown, what is luring them on to something different, Bridget and Tom are presented with a set of clues, in the form of riddles or puzzles, which they have to work out in order to move on towards the unknown goal. Initially these are set by the mysterious Retsinis, with the help of her strange followers, Stitgoe and Lulby... Or are they using codes originally concocted by the eccentric Manny Reeve? That's not clear... Later it seems that the clues are being left by the elusive Kalmom, whose identity becomes gradually clearer as they move onwards. But why is the chief supporter and aide in their quest, the obliging and helpful 'Wise Man of the Green Vale' so reluctant to reveal more about Kalmom? Clearly he knows rather more than he is willing to tell them...

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